Relieve your
tinnitus on your terms

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Relieve your
tinnitus on your terms

Watch our movie
See how it works

Tinearity Parts

Relieve tinnitus with Tinearity

Tinearity will become the world's first and smallest medical device, made solely for the treatment and alleviation of tinnitus, at any time of the day or night. Carefully designed by experts in industrial design and medical product development. This product was developed to aid sufferers of tinnitus in all sorts of everyday situations.

  • At least 8 hours of battery life
  • IP 54 Water resistant
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy treatment all day

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Well-proven technology in a new application

The development of Tinearity is based on analyses and interviews with people with tinnitus problems. The result is a unique solution offering the maximum amount of flexibility to tinnitus sufferers. Tinearity consists of a small sound unit that generates white noise directly into the ear via the skull, leaving the ear canal free. It requires no surgical procedure and is no larger than a coin, making it unique on the market.


It began with tinnitus

I have had tinnitus for a very long time now, and I underwent TRT treatment in 2015, which entailed CBT training in combination with listening to white noise for eight hours per day. With my extensive experience in medical product design, I saw an opportunity to develop the world's smallest and most flexible aid to generate white noise. As Managing Director and partner in a product development company, I had the means to put together a group of experts in the field of medical product development, which now is developing Tinearity.

Peter ArndtFounder and Principal Owner


Bone-conduction technology is an established method for conducting sound into the ear via the skull, thus allowing the wearer to receive sound without obstructing the ear canal. Sound constantly enters the ear via the skull, and it is very difficult for someone to determine whether the sound is coming into the inner ear via the ear canal or via the skull. Hearing aids based on bone conduction technology were first heard of in 1923. Tinearity is based on bone conduction technology, and involves the wearer listening to white noise without obstructing the ear canal and without an external sound source needing to be used.

Yes, the development of Tinearity was based on interviews with people suffering from tinnitus, and on analysis of the problems they experience with current solutions. We therefore developed the world's smallest and most flexible solution for anyone wanting to treat and alleviate their tinnitus, regardless of whether they are at work, engaged in leisure activities or sleeping.

Yes, you can use Tinearity if you are undergoing TRT treatment. Tinearity can replace other audio sources, such as ear plugs or external sound sources. You decide yourself when to use Tinearity, such as when at work or sleeping.

We, the developers of Tinearity, have an extensive background in medical technology development. We want the products and solutions we develop to be safe and secure for the user, and to be based on scientific findings.

You can use Tinearity for a least 8 hours per day before you need to recharge the batteries. The sound generating device rests behind the ear and is charged by placing it on a charging plate included when you buy Tinearity. The battery life lasts more than two years.

You decide yourself how long you want to use Tinearity. In scientific articles pertaining to TRT treatment, it is common to find recommended treatment periods of 6–24 months.

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